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The 2023 Crystal of the Year: Citrine - Shine brightly beautiful soul. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised. 

Black Tourmaline

January: Black Tourmaline - You are safe. You are protected.


February: Iolite - Deep dreaming and soulful visioning. 

Sodalite in Pacific Rim National Park

March: Sodalite - Walk through the portal of your becoming.

Emerald Green Calcite

April: Green Calcite - Attune to the magic of life. Embrace magical moments.

Garnet in moss in Redwoods National Park

May: Garnet - Sink into the rhythm of the earth. 


June: Ammonite - The spirals of awakening continue to unfold. 

Moqui Marbles

July: Moqui Marbles - Balance is created within.

Chain Coral

August: Chiastolite - Welcome to a sacred crossroads. Let your heart lead.


September: Magnetite - Unleash your magnetizing magic.

Petoskey Stone

October: Petoskey Stone - Gentle, gentle, soft and slow. 


November: Kunzite invites us to celebrate all of life. 


December: Pyrite invites us to own our power by courageously standing in our light.