Welcome, !!

Day 1. Live Group Gathering.

Welcome sacred friend,

Today we will sink into reflection, opening our hearts to what clarity means, how we experience it, and how it shows up in our lives.

Over the past several days, a container of sacred space has been opening for you and for your journey. Lots of yumminess is emerging already.

Have you noticed this?

So often when we say 'yes' to a journey such as this one, on an unconscious level we immediately feel held within that sacred space and energy starts moving.

Over the next 5 days, you will feel energy moving in many different ways. At times you may feel exhilarated and excited by new possibilities, while other times you may feel a bit emotional and uncertain. Know that this is ALL part of the journey. Magic, healing, and clarity are unfolding in unseen ways. Surrender into the space. Sink into your ceremony. And most importantly, LOVE up on YOU!



Well . . . it helps if I hit record before we go live. Yep, I just did that. My heart sank as I realized I overlooked hitting the one small button. But, the energy of the call was fresh and alive so I immediately dropped back in and re-did today's session. Here is that replay:

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Day 2. Loving up on Our Humanness

Today, as we sink a bit deeper, we are going to Love up on our Humanness.

​You know, the parts of ourselves that come up with great excuses, that make mistakes, that say the wrong things or show up at the wrong time. The parts that feel doubtful, insecure, or uncertain. 

Simple little reminders of humanness that all too often we allow to be the reasons we pause just after committing to something we deeply desire clarity around in our lives.

Sometimes these we can laugh these things off with great ease and other times they feel like just too much. 

Today, we are going to love up on all of that . . . every last perfectly imperfect part of you! 

Grab your crystal or stone from yesterday, a pen and paper, and let's sink in. 

Day 3. Candlelight and Gentleness.

Happy New Moon!

New moon is a wonderful day for candlelight, softness, and sinking within. 

Today, we are going to do just that, we are going to turn our light of awareness inward and invite our soul to share with us how it would love to be nurtured right now. 

I've created a little video where we sink in together.

P.S. How's your journey unfolding? I'd like to invite you to share your experiences with us in the Crystal Shaman Life FB Group. Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystalshaman

Day 4. Creating a Circle of Joy.

Today you are going to open space for clarity around what brings you JOY!

I've created a little video to guide you through today's process. Grab your crystal or stone, a pen and paper, and dive in.

Day 5. Live Group Gathering.