CLASS 3 : Listen to the Voice of the Crystals

Crystals and stones have so much wisdom and insight into our sacred journey.

As soon as you step into this journey, you will recognize how they are beginning to inform you in new and creative ways. Their wisdom and messages go far beyond what is shared in the books as just like us, they too are evolving. As we work with them with clear intentions, they reveal powerful and specific insights and wisdom for the individual they will be working with.

During this class you will be guided to open your intuitive channels and receive messages, wisdom, and insight from your crystals and your crystal talisman.

Listen to Class 3 here: 

Class 3 Audio Transcript - Download here:Crystal Talisman - Class 3 Audio Transcript

Class 3 Reflection Ritual Download here: Crystal Talisman - Class 3 Reflection Ritual


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As soon as you step into the crystal realms, they begin sharing their wisdom. How are they talking to you?