A 5 week Journey to Explore Your Crystal Connection Through Shamanic Practices, a Splash of Science, and Creative Crystal Play.


In this class we will be diving into the science behind crystal healing.

I have prepared a companion manual for you as you move through this class.

Download it here: CW 101 Class 1

This class is a bit more content heavy than the others, so I've broken up the videos into more digestible segments.

Let yourself have fun.

Gather your favorite crystals and as you move through the content, explore them through the lens of a geologist.

As this class wraps up, you will be invited to explore your local landscape with fresh eyes . . . to discover any significant landscape features, the types of rocks and minerals in your area, and to also explore your current crystal collection through the lens of both a geologist and of a shaman.

Join us for further crystal conversation in the Crystal Shaman Life Facebook Group.

Video 1 - Let's get started

Video 2 - What's the difference between Crystals, Rocks, Minerals, + Stones?
Video 3 - How are crystals are formed?
Video 4 - How to identify common minerals.
Video 5 - Crystal Structure + Crystal Exploration


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A Splash of Science Creates a Solid Crystal Foundation.