A 5 week Journey to Explore Your Crystal Connection Through Ancient Shamanic Practices, a Splash of Science, and Creative Crystal Play.


It’s time to cultivate a living relationship with your crystal allies. As you begin to infuse every facet of your life with crystals, this is where the true magic begins to unfold.

In this class you will explore . . .

  • How to work with crystal to create your home as a sanctuary.
  • How to activate your sacred spaces with crystals.
  • How to amplify and focus the energy of your intentions with powerful and creative crystal grids and altars.
  • How to select and work with crystals for creativity, abundance, and protection.

Download the Class 4 Companion Book Here: CW 101 Class 4

Video 1 - Crystal Living

Video 2 - Clearing Space

You may also enjoy these videos about how to use smudges and resins . . .

Video 3 - Grids, Altars, and Consciously Placed Crystals
Video 4 - Creating Crystal Grids
Video 5 - Creating Crystal Altars
Video 6 - Crystals for Money, Creativity, and Protection


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