Attune to the Wisdom and Power of Your Innate Healing Gifts.

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Join Lori A Andrus for a 3 day Immersion into the transformational energies of Crystals, Reiki, & Sacred Practice.

Explore practical ways to weave these practices into your every day life and reconnect with your true nature.

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Hello beautiful soul,

We are living in changing times.

As change swirls around us, it can leave us feeling ungrounded and disconnected from ourselves and from life itself.

It can trigger a sense of self doubt, worry, or even confusion regarding our next right step. It can even bring up a sense of uncertainty when making day to day decisions.

We may find ourselves struggling to connect with our inner voice of wisdom or to trust our inner knowing.

And very often in the midst of change, we find ourselves called to see and experience life differently.

Have you noticed any of this within yourself?

If you have, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

Changing Times Invite us to also Change.

They invite us to leap into the unknown.

They invite us to trust in ways we have not trusted before.

They invite us to grow, to evolve, to open our hearts to seeing and experiencing life differently.

But how do we do that?
How do we soothe our inner worries and fears?
How do we alleviate our self-doubt and uncertainty?
How do we courageously take a leap into the unknown?

We step back from the busyness of day to day life and we go within.

As we go within . . .

We cultivate trust in our voice of inner wisdom and knowing.

We cultivate our intuition.

We nurture our capacity to dream.

We open our hearts to possibility.

So much of what is possible in life lives just beyond what we can experience with our senses. It lives in the more subtle vibrations of life. It lives within the collective unconscious, the energetic pulse of the world.

In changing times such as these, working with crystals, reiki, and sacred practice can be complete game changers.

They are incredible allies for going within and attuning us to our inner compass. As we trust our intuition and voice of inner wisdom we cultivate the confidence we need to grow, expand, change, and take leaps in our lives.

It is how we begin to nurture meaningful and healthy relationships with not only our friends, family, and loved ones, but also with ourselves.
It is how we begin to honor our bodies and their needs for health and wellbeing.
It is how we deepen our spirituality and capacity to trust our own intuition.
It is how we let go of the old stories and beliefs that have been limiting our ideas of what is possible for life.
It is how we confidently stand in our most authentic expression of self.
It is how we begin to fearlessly say yes to the dreams and desires that live in our heart.

Join me for this 3 day virtual workshop and sink into soul nourishing time with you!
Now is your time!

Now is the time to experience life in fresh and deeply fulfilling ways.

Join us for the 3 day Reiki for Crystal Mystics Virtual Retreat.

Friday, September 10th. 5pm - 9pm cst.

Saturday, September 11th. 9am - 4pm cst.

Sunday, September 12th. 10am - 2pm cst.

Registration includes . . .

- The three day virtual workshop.
- Video replays from the live workshop gatherings.
- A pdf manual for you to download and print for the workshop.

Please note - Registration does not include crystals.
You will have the option to purchase Lori's Chakra Crystal Card Set at a reduced cost with check out.
If you already have a collection of crystals or prefer to put together your own crystal set, you are welcome to do that. 

Your investment: $348

(Optional - Add the Chakra Crystal Card Set for only $388)

Add the Chakra Crystal Card Set with your registration.

Set includes 7 Chakra Cards with affirmations. 8 Crystals. Information sheet. And pouches. 

Regular price: $48

$40 with your registration.

Earth Mother + Chakra Altar
Earth Mother + Chakra Altar

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui.

The Reiki practice creates a connection with Universal Life Force energy. It is not specific to any religion and invites individuals to open to the universal nature of energy flowing through all of life.

This simple yet powerful technique has been integrated into many traditional settings as an alternative or adjunct therapy to support physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

How will working with Reiki benefit my everyday life?

- Alleviates stress, anxiety, and worry so that you may find more ease and flow in your day.

- Supports you in feeling nourished so that you may be more present with your day to day activities.

- Creates a deeper sense of connection with self and with spirit.

- Physically it will support you in restoring health and vitality.

- Awakens your innate intuitive nature so that you can trust your inner knowing and wisdom, 

How will crystals deepen my Reiki experience?

Crystals and stones are incredible allies for anchoring our life force energy into the present. They help us to feel a sense of being grounded and connected with all of life. In addition to that, each crystal and stone carries a unique vibration and energetic imprint from the earth that supports us in cultivating a deeper connection with self.

During this three day immersion, we will explore a variety of practices with the crystals and stones to support us in sinking into the reiki experience, surrendering and letting go of old stories and beliefs, and setting intentions for our life and our practice.

This retreat will initiate you into an entirely new relationship with your soul.

Discover your inner wisdom. Embrace your dreams and desires. Reconnect with you!

Hi, I'm Lori Andrus.

Reiki Master/Teacher. Artist. Soulful traveler. Founder of the Crystal Shaman School and Host of the Crystal Shaman Life Podcast.

I've been deeply immersed in both the study and teaching of energy healing, earth based spirituality, and how to work with crystals and stones for nearly two decades.

I've experienced a lot. I've shared a lot. And I have learned a lot.

Reiki showed up in my life during a time when I was struggling physically and emotionally.

Physically I had a series of unexplained autoimmune disorders.
Emotionally I was struggling with the pain of childhood trauma.
I knew I needed support, but I didn't know what that looked like or where to even begin.

Then I was introduced to reiki. I began receiving regular sessions and began my reiki training.

As I opened myself to this support, things in my life began changing.

Lori A Andrus - Crystal Shaman
Crystals and Candles in the Sanctuary with Lori A Andrus
Coffee and Crystals at Lake Superior with Lori A Andrus
Coffee and Crystals at Lake Superior with Lori A Andrus

The painful stories I had tucked away and held silently came to the surface for love and healing in ways that felt gentle and manageable for me to work with. Because they were no longer buried, they no longer felt so consuming or like they required so much effort to hide.

The physical illnesses that I was struggling with began to alleviate.

And even more, I began painting again.

Reiki opened up a deep healing journey for me . . . one that I desperately needed and I am so grateful to have taken. Through this journey I have reconnected with my innate ability to heal. I embraced my intuitive gifts and talents and found the courage to integrate them into my life in meaningful ways. Strained relationships now have a healthy dynamic. It helped me to remember my hearts deepest dreams and desires and to find the courage to channel my energy into bringing those dreams into reality.

The first reiki session I received was nearly two decades ago. It was an incredible and life changing gift.

Since that time I have trained hundreds of men and women in Reiki.

The thing that I have discovered is that it is essential to emphasize time with the self care and self healing facets of this practice. This is why this retreat is organized as it is . . . as a time for you to sink in and connect with, love up on, and nurture you.

As we attend to ourselves, we are better able to show up for all that life presents. It's not selfish. It's self love.

I think this has been one of the greates things I have learned through my own healing journey, it's not important to spend time with yourself, it is essential.

I invite you to take this time for you, to sink into a learning experience where you will discover practical techniques that you can integrate into your everyday life . . . ones that will change your life in meaningful ways.

I look forward to seeing you online for the Reiki for Crystal Mystics Virtual Retreat.

with love and crystals, Lori

Spend time with your soul. Nurture your intuitive nature.

Workshop Schedule

Friday, September 10th. 5pm - 9pm cst.

  • Welcome.
  • Brief Reiki History.
  • Discussion about why Reiki is important and how it can change your life.
  • Intention setting ritual.
  • Ceremony to activate your intention.

Saturday, September 11th. 9am - 4pm cst.

  • Your energy body.
  • Working with energy.
  • How to do a self Reiki healing session.
  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement Ceremony.
  • Complete a self Reiki healing session.
  • Discussion.
  • Practices for creating safe and sacred space.

Sunday, September 12th. 10am - 2pm cst.

  • Reflections and discussion.
  • Working with crystals and stones.
  • Closing ceremony and celebrations.

In addition to 3 days of immersive sacred experience, you will also receive . . .

  • A pre-event video highlighting ways to sink even deeper into this retreat experience and set yourself up for an amazing experience.
  • A pdf course manual to download and print for personal use.
  • A post-event video featuring suggestions for integrating your experience into your everyday life.


This is a lot of time at the computer. Will we be onscreen the entire time.

Great question.

No, we will not be onscreen the entire time. We will take movement breaks along with breaks from the camera for meals and individual practices that you will be invited to do throughout our time together.

My goal is to create an online experience that is not only sacred, but is also nourishing and educational.

I want you to walk away from this experience inspired and ready to bring reiki, sacred practice, and the crystals closer to you in your everyday life.

I find that sinking into this type of learning in your home environment creates an atmosphere for recognizing how to naturally incorporate the experience into your world.

Do I need any prior experience with reiki, crystals, or energy healing.

Great question.

No, this three day course will is amazing for beginners as well as those who've been walking a spiritual path for some time and looking to breathe new life into their sacred practice. 

This class will meet you where you are at. 

If you are new to all of this, it will open your heart to new ideas and create a solid foundation for where ever your journey leads next. 

Will this workshop be recorded?

Yes. All of this workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to replays along with downloads of guided meditations, handouts, and the course manual.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

All of the recordings from this workshop will be uploaded to the Crystal Shaman School program website by the following friday.

You will receive an email with links and details once the videos are all uploaded.

It will be beautifully laid out so that you can navigate the replays with ease.

You will be able to enjoy the replays from this class for 1 year from the date of the last live call.

I already have a Reiki 1 Certification. I would love to take this course, but I'm worried about wasting my time with repeat content.

Totally get it.

As a teacher, as a student, as a practitioner, I most definitely do not want to waste anyones time either.

Every teacher has their own flavor and unique elements that they bring to the practice.

My approach to Reiki is to honor it as a catalyst to the deeper healing journey that it activates while also supporting students in developing their intuition and cultivating trust in their inner knowing.

My sense is that if this question is popping up for you, something is drawing you to this course and you already recognize a different flavor from your previous experience with reiki.

When I met with Reiki, nearly two decades ago, the focus was on convincing me about energy healing, sharing the attunement, and then teaching me how to do a session on myself and another person. This was great. It was an uber simple one day class and from that I rolled right into Reiki 2 and then Reiki 3. My energy healing gifts opened up and I had little context for how to hold sacred space or how to support others on their healing journey because my understanding began and ended with the simple practice of laying ones hands upon another and saying 'Reiki on.'

Over the years, as I've probed deeper into energy healing, shamanism, working with the crystals and stones, and lived into my own healing journey, I have begun to recognize some key pieces that would have been supportive to me at that stage in my joureny. I began to see what a truly sacred practice Reiki is and how it is often dismissed as a gateway to energy healing, a practice for newbies.

But there is so much more to it.

When I embraced this practice as a part of my everyday life and welcomed the healing journey it invited me to embark upon, my life changed.

I believe that if you are ready for healing and change in your life, it can do the same for you.

This workshop is designed to attune you to the sacredness of the Reiki healing technique while honoring one of the most essential elements: the healing journey required for a practitioner to embark upon in order to fully attune to their unique healing gifts and talents.

You will leave this event feeling nourished and empowered in your at home practice. If this sounds yummy to you, Join me! I'd love to have you.

Spend time with your soul. Nurture your intuitive nature.