South - The Journey of the Shamanic Journeyer

Module 1 Class 1

Video 1 - Welcome to the Crystal Shaman Initiation Program.

Download Module 1 - Class 1 Transcript Here: CSS - M1C1 - Transcript (Video 1-7)

Download the Module 1 - Class 1 Checklist Here: CSS - M1C1 Checklist

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Video 2 - What to expect in Class 1.


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Video 3 - What is a Shaman? How does a Shaman Heal?

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Video 4 - Let's talk more about crystal shaman lineage

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Video 5 - Let's talk about the Medicine Wheel + the Medicine Bundle

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Video 6 - Let's talk about Creating Safe + Sacred Space


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Shamanic Journey to Receive Your Spirit Animal Allies for Creating Sacred Space

Reflection Ritual: CSS - 4 Direction Spirit Animal Reflection Ritual

Template for writing your Sacred Space Prayer: CSS - M1C1 Prayer for Creating Sacred Space

Demonstration of Lori Opening Sacred Space . . .
I'm adding thes videos here because I think it is a great example of how our prayer is first created through our relationship with spirit, each of the four directions, and our spirit animal allies for each direction. These videos also demonstrate how we can personalize this prayer to reflect the individual we are working with or the intention of a ceremony.


Video 7 - Setting Your Intention

Reflection Setting Ritual: CSS - M1C1 - Intention Setting Ritual

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