the Sanctuary Membership Circle with Lori A Andrus

Navigate the journey between life and death.

This class will offer you practical and spiritual tools for navigating the final stages of life.

The end of life transition is an incredibly sacred time. Yet it is one that many are not ready for and often feel unequipped to navigate.

Your healing gifts and talents are an ally during this time. They can play a meaningful role in supporting your friends, family, and loved ones as their soul makes a transition from their physical life.

During this training you will . . .

      • Gain a deeper understanding of the stages of the dying process.
      • Discover how to employ your shamanic gifts to support loved ones as they near the end of their life so that they feel ready to make their transition.
      • Learn how to hold sacred space to ensure a safe and complete transition.
      • Learn how to do the deep luminous cleanse, creating a greater sense of lightness and freedom within the energy body.
      • Explore sacred practices and tips to more fluidly navigate the grieving process with both with the dying and their loved ones.
      • Learn the death spiral as a practice for releasing a soul from the body and supporting it on its journey forward.
      • Experience a journey to the dimensional space where your loved ones go at the end of their physical life.

The great spiral of life continues far beyond our physical journey.

We can support our loved ones as their physical journey comes to a close by gently unwinding the threads of connection between the soul and the physical body.

As their soul is released from their body, we lovingly escort them during their passage between worlds. 

These practices are an incredible ally.

Having a deeper understanding of the life, death, and rebirth cycle has been powerful throughout my journey. I lean into it during times of personal change and rebirth, when supporting clients in life-changing transitions, and when guiding loved ones as they cross the veils between worlds.

I want to share with you a story about one of those times . . .

Summer Boomers

On a warm summer night, a storm rolled in, the kind that brings with it high winds, lots of rain, and big boomers. The kind that drops power lines and leaves communities without power for days. This storm brought all of that. In the middle of the night, as the storm rolled in, Bonnie got up from her chair and walked to the patio doors to see what was happening. Just like that a bolt of thunder rang and everything in her room went silent. The tv turned off. The lights went out. The air conditioner stopped. She stood in front of the window wondering what to do next. She turned to her chair, took a couple steps and collapsed.

Her son Bill was with her. He tried to help her up, but her body just was not able to help him. He decided to call for help. A little while later the local firemen arrived at the door and helped Bonnie to her chair.

Early the next morning, Bill called his brothers and shared the update. Just a few days earlier Bonnie stopped receiving dialysis treatments. Her body was no longer benefiting from the treatments and without them, she was gently drifting.

Bonnie is Chris's mother. We were already on our way to her house when the call came in. I could feel the veils between worlds thinning. I could feel Bonnie's soul ready to depart.

When we arrived that day the house was quiet. Without power their home felt softer. The power stayed out for the next four days as friends and family came to say their goodbyes, share stories, and express their love. Then, on the fourth day, while everyone else was out I sat with Bonnie.

Bonnie holding amethyst crystals
Bonnies Angel

That morning Chris and I shared with her a couple crystals we picked up on our recent mining trip. As I sat with her, I could see she was still holding them tightly in her hands.

While we sat together, she drifted in and out, mostly out, I sketched. The image of an angel appeared on the paper. I could see this angel with its brilliant light standing above her. We talked. I asked if it was yet time for me to perform the sacred death rites. I was told not yet, but to place the sketch upon the mantle for her.

That evening as Chris and I left, we said goodbye feeling that perhaps this would be our final moment with her. It was. A few hours later there was a great spark outside. Bill went to check the window. The power turned back on and Bonnie took her last breath.

That morning, I opened my medicine bundle and began the sacred death spiral supporting Bonnie in passing through the veils between worlds. Assuring her both a sacred and complete passage. 

Being present during this time of transition was a deep honor.

I was there not only as family, but as an ally for her soul as it navigated the veils between worlds making a sacred passage.

This is one of the most sacred gifts I have been able to share during such a sacred time.

Being present, knowing what to do, how to show up, and how to support both the individual dying and their loved ones has allowed me to feel both comfortable and confident during times that are traditionally regarded as uncomfortable.

I want to share this with you.

In this class we will talk about this sacred passage and how you too can be present with your loved ones in truly meaningful and truly supportive ways.

Join me. It would be an honor to share this sacred work with you.

with love, Lori

Crystal Shaman Medicine Bundle - Lori A Andrus

Part 1 Includes

Pre-recorded class content delving into the mysteries of death and dying.

Explore the dying process and how you can show up to support another person in this transition.

Conversation will include:

  • How to bring sacred closure to what has been incomplete.
  • Making sure all words, thoughts, and feelings have space to be expressed.
  • How to create and hold a safe and sacred space for the transition.
  • Honoring experiences of grief and regret.
  • Supporting the soul to make a peaceful and complete transition.
  • Permission, privacy, and ethics.
  • Beliefs regarding what to expect on the other side.


Part 2 Includes

Live Virtual Learning Session

Sunday April 24th from 12 - 3:30pm cst

Learn the deep luminous cleanse as well as the great death spiral. During this gathering you will be invited to partner up and practice both processes.

You will have time to ask questions, sink into conversation about the end of life journey, and receive feedback on your experiences.


What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations or refunds are not available with this training.

When will the pre-recorded content be available?

Great question. This content will be available one week prior to our live class call, Sunday, April 17th. You will receive an email and link to the class page.

What if I am unable to be present for the live portion of this class?

You are highly encouraged to be live with us as this portion of the class will be heavily interactive. You will be invited to practice with eachother. 

That said, life happens and even when we think we will make it things can change. 

This portion will also be recorded. You will have access to the replay. You will also be encouraged to reach out to someone else who is part of this training and pair up to practice. 

How long will I have access to the replays and training content?

Great question!

Training content will be available for 90 days. 

You will also be able to download audio versions of the content to keep permanantly for your own personal use in your personal library. 

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