Online Courses, Programs, + Trainings

The Crystal Shaman School offers a variety of online programs and trainings for crystal lovers and shamanic practitioners alike.

Rooted in ritual, sacred practice, and the cultivation of a deep and meaningful relationship with all of life, our programs invite participants to stretch beyond traditional practices to discover truly unexpected and unique ways to work with the sacred to create lasting healing, change, and transformation.

Designed to support you in achieving your next level of mastery, our high vibe and high level content will help you meet your learning goals.

So, whether you are a crystal newbie, just beginning your spiritual journey, or an experienced wellness professional, we would like to invite you to immerse yourself in one of our mindfully curated programs.

Now is the time to . . .

  • awaken your unique spiritual gifts and develop your intuition.
  • cultivate a meaningful connection with the crystals and stones.
  • deepen your spiritual practice through fun, practical, and transformational shamanic practices!

And most importantly . . . Now is the time to unearth your inner wisdom.

The world is ready for you!

Sink in Deeper.

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Monthly Masterclass

Join us LIVE on Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. 

Each month we will sink into sacred space as we dive deeper into various facets of spirituality, sacred practice, and soulful living. The Monthly Masterclasses are rich with wisdom and opportunities to experience a more intimate connection with self!

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the Sanctuary Membership Circle

Sink into Soul Nourishing time with You!

The Sanctuary Membership Circle is your online sacred space for cultivating an intimate relationship with your soul. Each month you will receive a fresh guided meditation, 'in the now' crystal wisdom and messages, soulful reflection rituals, and other fun surprises to support you.

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Crystal Wisdom 101

Crystal Wisdom : 101

A wonderful place to begin your crystal shaman journey.

This 5-week, self-study program opens the doorway for working with crystals and stones.

It answers questions about how and why crystals work and how you can tap into their energy to create change, transformation, and healing. During this program you will dive into both the geology and spiritual basics so that you can feel confident selecting your own crystals and stones and working with them in your day to day life.

You will also dive into practices such as clearing, charging, setting an intention, creating crystal grids, and how to receives messages from your crystals.

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Crystal Talisman Color 2020

The Crystal Talisman

A 4-week, self-paced journey to deepen your crystal connection and create your own sacred medicine object.

During this journey, you will be guided through ancient shamanic practices where you will: Meet your future self; Connect with your unique wisdom and purpose; Discover the perfect crystals to support you on your path right now; And create your unique medicine object.

Step into the crystal realms and unleash your creative self!

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Sacred Art of Smudging Color 2020

Discover the Sacred Art of Smudging (e-book)

Smudging is a simple yet powerful ritual for energetically clearing your space. It lightens the mood, lifts heavy energy, and creates a sense of sacred space.

This gorgeous 41-page e-book will . . .

  • Teach you how to smudge (both your home and yourself)
  • Share the benefits of smudging
  • Introduce you to 15 different types of smudge
  • Show you step by step how to harvest sacred plants and create your own smudge bundles.

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