Celebrations, Gratitude, and Sacred Transformations


Amazing things happen when we dive deep into sacred work . . . we begin to see and experience the world differently. Our relationships heal, grow, and come together. We discover a sense of renewed passion for our work, or enter an entirely new pathway. When we cross our own threshold and step wholly into our becoming magic happens. This is a space to celebrate that magic!



I signed up for Lori’s Crystal Shaman Initiation Program (level 1) not really knowing why, I didn’t know what a “Shaman” was and I didn’t even google it!

There were 2 things that called to me, the first was the word “Crystal” (as I had recently discovered them and couldn’t get enough) and the second was my gut, I just knew this program was the next step in my awakening process. Of course in hindsight I can now see exactly why I chose to go down this path, but I think the more important lesson for me was following that gut feeling. I was new to listening to that part of myself and have come to realize it to be my most sacred voice that always nudges me to the experiences that I most need to grow.

Through the teachings passed down to Lori and now to me I’ve come to know myself and nature in such a deep and connected way, I also now know this is not the first time i’ve walked this path.  I clearly saw myself doing this work in a past life, and I realized this is why my gut lead me here.

Lori has such a kind, connected and clear heart which allows her students to discover their gifts in the timing that is right for each one.  I never felt compared to any of the other students, only nurtured as I rediscovered myself and my gifts.  For the first time in my life I felt really seen and understood.  No wonder I was so sensitive and overwhelmed so easily my whole life!!!  I was meant to be that way, and I now know why.

I know everything Lori brings into the world comes from a place of Wisdom and Love, Service and Compassion, Healing and Awareness.  She’s a light in her own right and I feel blessed we were able to join at exactly the right moment in time, as she helped me discover my own light.  I really don’t know where I would be without her.

All of my love, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Ginter

"The Journey Jewels program was immense in my life, and I am only just beginning to process all that that means.

Intense, powerful, and moving, this program has given me a way to bring greater healing to myself and my clients.

It has acquainted me deeply with my own medicine and opened me to a level of Spirit-lead work that is nothing short of miraculous and revolutionary.

Lori is a gifted, soulful teacher with so much to give. I felt beautifully, wonderfully, and deeply connected to her and each of my fellow students. My heart is full, and I am so grateful for all I’ve learned and received as a result of this program."

Anna Silvernail

Sacred Voices

"When I first started working with Lori, I was feeling stuck in a loop of self-doubt, loss of faith, and feeling lost. In the prior year, my sacred marriage had suffered a tragedy, the pieces were all put back together, but I was not feeling whole.

With Lori’s guidance, I was able to uncover moments and feelings that needed, first, recognition and then healing. She guided me through establishing necessary self-care rituals and ceremony to connect to my authentic self. I gained clarity on how to live with intention vs the haphazard and accidental way I was living daily life. The loop I was in was stopping me from experiencing the joy, the beauty, and the pain I feel. One of my goals in this healing partnership was to live in my true essence and purpose. Lori’s intuitive insight guided me through each unveiling needed to continue me along this healing journey.

The crystal piece I received truly restored my faith in my own connectedness to the Divine. The necklace was such a divine reminder that I am on a beautiful, guided path. The stones that made up my sacred piece were actually that of our wedding bands: garnet, chrysoprase, and kunzite. When I saw the stones in my sacred piece were the stones of our wedding bands, I knew I was surrounded with love and safe to continue healing and opening to a new journey.

More than a year later, my faith is restored. I honor my new stories with intentional presence daily. My emotions are more balanced, and I am not as fearful of the dark feelings as I once was. Lori’s presence and ability to hold space for people in transformation was exactly the medicine I needed to begin to feel and move freely in a new and loving direction. My sacred piece holds within it, the work and healing and love I needed to begin living beautiful new stories."  

Carly Peters

"I received my most spectacular Medicine Bundle and listened to the audio. Wow! Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much.

I can feel the love, care and brilliance in every morsel of this. What an honor and celebration to receive.

The crystals have been acquainting themselves with my studio and my other crystals, art, and crystal skulls. It's been interesting, it's as if they are meeting and introducing themselves and everyone is sharing their special message and offering to support the bigger vision. So beautiful!

Thank you so much!"

Laura Hollick

Soul Art Studio

"WOW. Lori blows my mind every time we do a Shamanic Healing Session.

She knows how to get right in there, weave the divine magic within my soul, and pull forth just the right questions and inquiries to raise the roof of my consciousness to obliterate deep-seeded, old self-sabotaging patternings in the collective unconscious.

This is very powerful work and I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to powerfully step into the next level of their sacred path and increase their lightness in this world to express your most true Self."

Lucinda Kinch

Light Divine

Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

Kapa Kai

Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how your Sacred Ceremony workshop has impacted me.

I embarked on a 365 day ceremony goal ... OK so I miss a day here and there, BUT am doing ceremony much MUCH more often. I clearly set my intention at New Moon and ceremony largely is working on that. My soul wanted to remember our connection in other lifetimes working with the Moon and I am getting there. So happy! Love that ceremony also includes some reading time and sitting on the deck time, etc.


Roxanne Perillo

Spirit of the Owl

Spent yesterday setting some very powerful intentions through shamanic journeys and creating an awesome medicine 'shaman' staff. This staff is representative of my connection to the shamanic worlds and also the intentions that I set. I am sure the adornments will continue to change or grow with time.

I thank Lori A Andrus of Lori A Andrus - Journey Jewels for holding the sacred space for this day. I know Spirit created this time for us as it was not originally supposed to happen this way. It was magical, moving, and full of intent. Manifestation was ever present as I only had to say I need a crow feather and it appeared in the landscape before our eyes--literally within seconds. Now really, how fun is that?

Believe in yourself. Love spirit, love life, love yourself!

Tina Ashcraft

Sunshine Spirit

I love Lori, Journey Jewels, and all things this miraculous woman does!

I’ve had transformational shamanic healing sessions, created ritual and ceremony with Lori, and I live in her jewelry!

She is as soothing as she is inspiring and empowering!!!

Toni Bergins


"Working with Lori Andrus to make my very own personalized piece of jewelry was an even more amazing experience than I had anticipated.

Completing the reflection ritual was a very insightful process that really aided me in getting to know myself better, including discovering what I really want out of life.

Reaping the benefits of wearing the piece was definitely the best part. I suddenly became much more disciplined and able to follow through with my goals, which led to an overall feeling of being able to trust in myself more. I would absolutely work with Lori Andrus again!"

Amanda Schneider

"My Medicine Bundle arrived today. You did an amazing job with ALL the information I gave to you, to find the Central Focus and see some things that I didn't quite ever get. The stones you chose really made a lot of sense to me. Amazing.

Everything you shared was very masterful, and very insightful, very very helpful. I love all the grounding stones you chose. That's so significant, and important.

Thank you, again, I now have a "very sacred space" and place to continue working from with your help. You've done an amazing job."

Joanna Hill

“My personalized Journey Jewels have helped me embody my soul part as the flyingDream!

Lori’s latest creation serves as my compass in the unfoldment of a new journey as a business owner. It’s helped me launch my business, spread my wings, own my voice, live my truth, plant and nourish relationships in the community, and offer my unique gifts as a bodyworker.

When I wear it as a necklace, bracelet, crown, or anklet, I feel supported. And when I’m faced with challenges it helps me evolve into higher aspects of myself.”

Holly Arines

“I have to say that the personal power pieces you create absolutely rock my world. They push me into places of myself that I didn’t know existed. The latest one you created for me has pushed me beyond what I expected. And the rewards have been immense personally, professionally, and financially. It has been an intense journey but oh so worthwhile. You work with powerful medicine my dear. I’m grateful for what you do. You rock my world!”  

Monica Kenton

"Working with Lori in sacred Sedona was my reawakening!

Lori's insight and loving presence held space for lifetimes of fear patterns to surface. I could see so clearly how reliving them was holding me back from expressing my true self.  Lori helped me to release those fears to the red rocks, and to fearlessly step into my intention: I AM FREE!

I absolutely cherish the stunning headpiece she created for me.  Whenever I feel myself slipping back into a place of fear, it helps me to recall the limitless freedom I felt in Sedona and the power and grace of my true Spirit.

I will be forever grateful!"

Angela Bain

Lifespa Wellness Center

I used to be very confused and overwhelmed. I was trying so hard to find out how to change my life to create more happiness, to find my purpose, and to make what I envisioned for myself a reality.

Lori helped me to see the doors open before me, and within me, to create a life where I can shine, and live my life in a way that supports me - and therefore allows me to better support those around me.

I now see my life's purpose, and my very soul, in a new way. Lori has guided me to see things that were hidden and helped me to discover the path that I am meant to follow. Because of my work with Lori, I feel more peace and joy as I go through the journey.

Teresa Burns