Programs + Trainings

The Crystal Shaman School offers a variety of online programs and trainings for crystal lovers and shamanic practitioners alike.

Rooted in ritual, sacred practice, and the cultivation of a deep and meaningful relationship with all of life, our programs invite participants to stretch beyond traditional crystal practices to discover truly unexpected and unique ways to work with crystals and stones.

So, whether you are a crystal newbie, just beginning your spiritual journey, or an experienced wellness professional, we would like to invite you to immerse yourself in one of our mindfully curated programs where you will  expand your intuition, cultivate a meaningful crystal connection, and deepen your practice through fun, practical, and transformational shamanic practices!

My Gift to You . . .

Crystal Immersion 7-day Journey

During this FREE 7-day Crystal Immersion Journey you will begin cultivating a unique relationship with your favorite crystals and stones.

Each day you will experience guidance, insider tips, and practical shamanic rituals to decode the language of your favorite jewels. You will also discover the ways crystals and stones are supporting and guiding you to create a more vibrant, healthy, wealthy, and joy-filled life.

Begin this FREE 7-day crystal journey HERE. 

Self-study Programs

Crystal Wisdom : 101 

A wonderful place to begin your crystal shaman journey.

This 5-week, self-study program opens the doorway for working with crystals and stones.

It answers questions about how and why crystals work and how you can tap into their energy to create change, transformation, and healing. During this program you will dive into both the geology and spiritual basics so that you can feel confident selecting your own crystals and stones and working with them in your day to day life.

You will also dive into practices such as clearing, charging, setting an intention, creating crystal grids, and how to receives messages from your crystals.

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