Sacred Bonuses

Sacred Bonus 1:  The Sacred Art of Smudging

Smudging a an amazing sacred practice for energetically clearing a space. It lightens the mood, lifts heavy energy, and creates a sacred space of lightness. This bonus includes a gorgeous 41-page e-book that will guide you in how to smudge (both your home and yourself), the benefits of smudging, introduce you to nearly 20 different types of smudge, and show you step by step how to harvest sacred plants and create your own smudge bundles.

Download here: Sacred Art of Smudging

"Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again." - Joseph Campbell

Lori A Andrus is a modern day priestess guiding women to breathe life into their dreams and powerfully step into their sacred path.

Weaving the transformational practices of ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, and sacred creation, Lori bridges the spiritual and physical worlds awakening women to their true inner brilliance.  Known for asking the right questions, Lori opens doors into unseen worlds connecting women with their inner wisdom in such a way that they take courageous action and embrace their destiny.

Lori is the creator of the Priestess Pathway® Program and the Priestess Pathway® Podcast where she empowers women to embody their most sacred self while stepping onto and living their sacred path.

Lori holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.  She is a Graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body Program, a Reiki Master, and crystal healer.  Lori’s jewelry designs have been featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, selected as Best of Show at the International New Age Trade Show, and her creations are worn by women throughout the world as they move through their transformational journey.  Lori has traveled to Peru to study with the high mountain shamans learning practices for ceremony, activating sacred landscapes and working with the spirit of the land. She is inspired by sacred landscape and has taken several personal pilgrimages by road-tripping to sacred sites throughout the United States.