Welcome to Day 9!

In many traditions, a community, a tribe, or an organization is guided by the wisdom, experience, and knowing of a council of elders. The council is carefully selected and their perspective is greatly honored. It is an important element in all decision making, and they are trusted guides for the leaders of their community.

As we come into our knowing of self, we become an empowered leader in our own life. Empowered leaders need to be supported by trusted advisors . . . a council of elders.

A council of elders are wisdomkeepers from times past and times to come. There is incredible value in the wisdom and experience of others who have walked a similar path or had a similar experience. While we many not ever interact with those who inspire us on the physical plane, we can draw on the wisdom that has been woven into the fabric of the universal tapestry. When we call upon that wisdom with honor and respect, we discover fresh ways of answering our questions.

As you connect with your council of elders, it is important to honor them within your space, to invite in their support. You will do this by first clarifying who your council is and then bringing items into your space to symbolize or reflect your council of elders.

Reflection Ritual: Day 9 Reflection

"Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again." - Joseph Campbell