Hello my sacred friend,

My heart is over-joyed to share this 12-day journey with you! Creating sacred spaces, sanctuaries for the soul, has been part of my life for as long as I can remember . . . and offering this journey to you feels incredibly sacred to me. It is truly offered from my heart to yours.

I have witnessed, and experienced, the incredible transformation that happens in sacred space, and I believe that each of us has the ability to create such a transformational space within our own home, our gardens, our cars, and within our physical self. We simply need to bring deeper levels of presence and consciousness. As we clear the clutter, letting go of anything that does not bring us deep fulfillment, we create space for the seeds of our vision to be planted. And as we tune into the seeds of our dreams, they will guide us in creating a space that nourishes and nurtures our soul and birth of our dreams.

This 12-day journey will guide you step-by-step through the process of clarifying your intention, clearing the clutter, and creating a space that not only energizes you, but also is a birthplace for your dreams.

Join me today and create your Soul Sanctuary!

much love,

Activate your Sanctuary - Lori A Andrus

This Journey is for you if . . .

  • You are ready to create a new and empowered relationship with your sacred self.
  • You are ready to create a new and empowered relationship with the Divine.
  • You want your home to be a sanctuary that supports you on all levels.
  • You are ready to experience profound changes and transformation in all areas of your life.
  • You are ready to access a crystal clear vision for your life.
  • You are ready to clear the clutter and let go of things that no longer support your highest vision.
  • You want to create a space that nourishes you on all levels.

What is a Soul Sanctuary?

A Soul Sanctuary is so much more than a beautiful space, it is mindfully created sacred space, a place of refuge where you can be vulnerable and connect with the most intimate parts of yourself, where you can open to and clearly connect with the divine. It is a space, where upon entering, you feel most connected with your true nature. It is a space to surrender and experience full presence amidst any busyness or chaos in your daily life. A Soul Sanctuary houses items that nourish you on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) and support you in expanding into your sacred self. It is in such a space that true transformation, change and healing occurs . . . and it is the birthplace for all other sacred practices and rituals.

Your Soul Sanctuary is a sacred space . . . a space for clearing your mind and strengthening your knowing of you and your highest vision . . . even on the muckiest of days.

Some of my favorite soul sanctuaries + altar arrangements

Sacred Fire - Burning Bowl
Sacred Gardens - Reed Street Gardens
Mid-night fire ceremony - Lori A Andrus
Maribel Caves Altar
Maribel Caves - Lori A Andrus
Crystals + Candle + Flowers
Winter Garden
Raven Altar
Earth Mother + Chakra Altar
Lilac Altar
Rainbow garden
Garden + Roses

Why Create a Soul Sanctuary?

We are living in incredible times.

Now is a time in history when we have access to so many resources, tools, and opportunities to develop an empowered relationship with both the Divine and with self.

Now is a time when it is safe for us to embrace and express our sacred self in all areas of our life.

Now is a time when we can let go of the ancestral beliefs and stories that have kept us small or in some way held us back from our true destiny.

But in order to do this, we need to be nourished and supported on all levels. I believe you found your way to this journey because you are truly ready to not only discover what is sacred for you, but also to embrace and express it in all areas of your life. You are ready to create a new relationship with the Divine and you recognize that sacred practices are a pathway for you to create that relationship.

Yes, sacred means something different to each one of us . . . and this journey will guide you to clarify what it means to you and how to express it in your sacred space.

A sanctuary for your soul is an essential foundation for deepening your relationship with the Divine and strengthening your inner knowing of self.

What you can expect from this journey  . . .

The 12-day journey is an opportunity to create a space to reflects you and your highest vision! It will guide you to create a sanctuary that expresses what is truly sacred for you while also nourishing and empowering you to embody and express your sacred self. Each day of this journey you will receive a guided exercise designed to support you in . . .

  • Clarifying sacred means to you and how you want to experience it.
  • Connecting with your sacred self and with the Divine.
  • Clearing the clutter from your life with grace and ease.
  • Getting crystal clear about your vision in life right now.
  • Opening to your highest destiny.
  • Transforming your environment to support you in living your highest vision.
  • Keeping your sanctuary active so that as you transform, your space transforms with you.

This journey includes 2 Sacred Bonuses:

Sacred Art of Smudging

Sacred Bonus 1:  The Sacred Art of Smudging

Smudging a an amazing sacred practice for energetically clearing a space. It lightens the mood, lifts heavy energy, and creates a sacred space of lightness. This bonus includes a gorgeous 41-page e-book that will guide you in how to smudge (both your home and yourself), the benefits of smudging, introduce you to nearly 20 different types of smudge, and show you step by step how to harvest sacred plants and create your own smudge bundles.
Medicine Bundle - Mesa

Sacred Bonus 2:  Guided Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journeys are a powerful way to connect with our highest source of inner wisdom. A shamanic journey guides us in navigating our inner worlds. Healing old stories and beliefs. Clarifying our vision for life. Strengthening our knowing of self. This guided shamanic journey will connect you with your inner soul sanctuary where you can strengthen your knowing of your most sacred self. This is an audio that you can listen to over and over.

What people are saying . . .

Our home or any other environment we spent most of our time in, is a crucial aspect of the quality of our life. Thus it is really worthwhile to pay attention to it! We need a place where we get energetically replenished and nourished so we can go through the busyness of our daily lives. Taking it up to a higher level, we ideally also have a space where we can come to nourish our spiritual self.

Lori has done just that with this 12 day journey. She shows you how to create a sanctuary that nourishes your soul. In this program she will guide you to a place within, where you can make contact with yourself on a deeper level. You will be able to connect to what is most meaningful to you, which in turn allows you to let go of what is not serving you anymore. Lori will open your eyes to see your space from a fresh perspective and at the end of the 12 days you will have a refined relationship with yourself, the space you inhabit, and your creative juices will be flowing. The journey is so worth it!
ReNae Lauterbach

I am so excited to be on this journey. I have been making small altars in my house for a long time as well as collecting stones, shells and had not really realized that’s what I was really doing! It’s always been a part of me and I never really looked at this part of myself before now and I now realize this is what I have always been after. Thank you, Thank you for your beautiful wisdom!
Diane Spotz

"​Lori brings such a sacred energy to everything she teaches. Since taking her Soul Sanctuary Journey, I've noticed shifts in how I honor, see, and even walk​ through my sacred spaces -- which is really all of my altar areas, all the rooms in my home, and all of my life living in my body-temple. She brings care and heart into your life by inspiring us to clear out, reassess, bless, reconnect to bring a whole new awareness into all we do as embodied instruments of the divine. LOVE this course! Thank you, Lori!"
Lucinda Kinch

Prosperity Branding

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With this virtual journey, you will receive:

  • 12 Daily Guided Exercises inviting you to explore your inner worlds and create a sanctuary for your soul.
    (1 exercise emailed to you each day for 12 days)
  • Sacred Bonus 1: The Sacred Art of Smudging ebook
  • Sacred Bonus 2: Guided Shamanic Journey to deepen your connection with your sacred self and with the Divine (audio recording)

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Lori A Andrus

About your guide . . .

Lori A Andrus is a visionary guide who weaves the transformational practices of ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, and sacred creation to bridge spiritual and physical worlds and connect individuals with their inner voice of wisdom and truth. Through her own spiritual and healing journey, Lori discovered her pathway for healing and transformation by working with crystals and stones (to create sacred power objects), shamanism, and bringing sacred practices into her everyday life. Lori is the creator of Journey Jewels Jewelry, and transformational programs and retreats including The Priestess Pathway®, The JourneyJewels™ Guide Certification, and the Crystal Immersion Retreat where she empowers women and men to step in and live their sacred path.

Create a sanctuary for your soul . . . a space where your highest vision comes to life!