Receiving a message from your nature gift . . .


Welcome to Day 3 of the Crystal Shaman Spirit Quest!

Oooh . . . this is a very fun day! We are going to connect with our spirit gift, inviting it to share a message with us!

Yesterday a dear friend of mine called, out of the blue. When I answered the phone I could feel a sense of shakiness in her voice. She took a deep breath and then she spilled out . . . So, I had this shamanic experience. Can I tell you about it?

‚ÄčOh my, it was a magical one. I just LOVE hearing of these experiences. And as I dream my world into being, the naturalness of spiritual and sacred conversations is central within it.  

Today, we are going to step into sacred conversation with our nature gift. 

Now of course it's not going to chat with us in the same way we have a conversation with a friend. But it does share with us through myth, metaphor, story, emotion, and sensation. 

I've created a video, guided meditation, and reflection ritual to guide you in this experience. 

Download your reflection ritual here: 
CS Spirit Quest - Receiving a Message Reflection Ritual

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About your guide . . .

Lori is the founder of the Crystal Shaman School, a practitioner of crystal shamanism, and a soulful traveler. She artfully blends ancient wisdom traditions with crystalline insight to create practical and breakthrough lifestyle applications that empower individuals to live into their soul vision.

Lori has a bachelors degree in psychology, a masters in occupational therapy, and is a graduate of The Four Winds Healing the Light Body Program. She has traveled extensively throughout Peru to study with high mountain shamans, learning practices for ceremony, activating sacred landscapes, and working with the spirit of the land.

Weaving together over 15 years of in-depth study and experience, Lori's creative and inspiring programs bridge the spiritual and physical worlds creating a pathway for reconnecting individuals with their authentic nature.