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The Facebook community is a safe and sacred space. It is a space to share what is happening for you on your journey; your challenges, insights, and ask questions. It is a space to connect with others and offer your loving support.

Honoring this space as safe and sacred, it is expected. No solicitation within this space within this space will be tolerated. If you fail to honor this agreement you will be removed from the Facebook community without notice.


You are responsible to pay for The Priestess Pathway Program in full and for providing us with a valid credit card or other method of payment. If you have selected a payment plan and you miss a payment, your account status will be changed to”delinquent.” You will immediately lose access to future Classes and Bonuses and your access to all The Priestess Pathway content will be revoked 7 days after your payment declines.


The Priestess Pathway Program is a self-study program and upon payment, you will receive immediate access to the program in its entirety.

For that reason there are absolutely NO REFUNDS.

Please do not enroll in The Priestess Pathway Program if you are not fully committed to your transformational journey.

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